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BruMa - wellness space

Opened in the winter 2017 and to complete our facilities, we have created a small wellness area that we hope will be the perfect culmination after spending a day in the mountains or simply to disconnect from the routine and get strength.

You can enjoy:
- A sauna: ideal to eliminate toxins and activate blood circulation
- A feet bath: beneficial to eliminate the sensation of heaviness and fluid retention in the legs.
- Three types of hydrotherapy showers, at different pressures and temperatures: cascade, bithermal and nebulizer, which help to stimulate the muscles, especially after the sauna.
Soon you will also have at your disposal a jacuzzi.

Finnish sauna

This type of bath is not exclusive to Finns. In many other cultures there are similar constructions and customs (the Roman, Turkish, Celtic baths, the sweat lodge of the North American Indians, the furo of the Japanese, the bania of the Russians and the Mexican temascal).

The sauna has beneficial effects on the body, by releasing toxins by sweating and activating blood circulation. It is always accompanied by temperature contrasts: the heat session is followed by a cooling session, which extends the effects of sweating.


It is a corridor from whose sides come jets that alternate cold water and hot water at different pressures, and boulders in the ground that help to activate circulation.
With something as simple as walking on these stones while we receive the effect of water on the legs and feet, we will be able to prevent, improve and alleviate circulatory disorders. In addition, circulation in the soles of the feet is activated, while we stimulate the energy points that control the rest of the body and eliminate the feeling of heaviness.

Hydrotherapy showers

Bithermal shower.
Revitalizing contrast shower that by means of an enveloping rain effect at different temperatures, favors blood circulation and blood pressure.

Nebulizing shower.
It creates an atmosphere of nebulized water suitable for complete relaxation and toning of the skin, favoring the blood circulation system of the body.

Shower in waterfall.
Relax under this shower that creates a curtain of intense water flow.

Massages and treatments

A selection of therapeutic massages and personalized natural treatments to complete the service of our BruMa wellness area. Each of them is carefully prepared and supervised by qualified professionals.